Law of Receiving

Understanding and putting into operation the Law of Receiving can open many doors throughout life that the failure to do so may leave closed or disregarded.

We may never know what we pass by in life, the chances missed or opportunities abandoned through the lack of knowledge and application of this law. It makes sense to explore it and to recognize its merits and realize its awesome potential.

Let's look at what it is and how we can make use of it to enhance our lives and the lives of those that come into our lives.

Give to Receive

If you ever thought the idea that you have to give to receive is nonsense, you may want to change that opinion, because giving is the first law of life! You and me and me and everyone came into this world when our mothers gave birth to us.

So in essence, the giving part must precede all else according the immutable laws of nature.

The concept that when you give freely and without any ulterior motive you place yourself in the position where you can receive gracefully and gratefully is sound and reference to it can be found in the Bible at Luke 6:38 where the statement, "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure running over," is found.

Selfishness Contracts

If you can see the common sense in this, it will be obvious to you that the right way is to openly give before you have earned the right to get.

The selfish and restrictive lifestyle leads to isolation and distrust, as can be graphically observed in the story of the fictitious character Ebenezer Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol.″ However, even then a person can change and become warm and giving.

If your goal is to improve your lifestyle, enjoy better health and financial freedom along with a happy relationship with people, your first thoughts should be how you can give of yourself in order to receive the benefits you desire.

For the Law of Receiving is in essence more about the practice of giving with a humble and generous heart than it is with the opposite concept.

What Have I to Give?

here are many people that would argue that when put to the test, they can't give anything because they simply have nothing to give. On the surface, it may appear that way, especially is the person is very poor and living at or below the poverty line.

However, for many people, the idea of giving is often linked with the giving of money. So it's no wonder so many believe that if they are not in the possession of sufficient spare funds, they can't give what little they have to another when they may need it to feed themselves or their family.

When you can separate the act of giving from the limitations of money, a whole world of possibilities opens up. On reflection, it could be argues that every person has something to give.

If you possess a certain skill, you could help another person that lacks it and in some way improve the quality of their life, even if it is in a very small way. That is giving in a way that helps someone, without expecting anything in return, which is the Law in action.

In effect, the basis of the law is to give with a kind heart!

There is so much that you can give to another when you actually think about it. A gift can take many forms.

For example, you can brighten up someone's day simply by giving them a smile and a kind word. When you really think about it, a smile and a word costs you nothing but can be worth an immeasurable amount to the person receiving it, depending upon the circumstances of the situation.

You can give of your time, your skill, your knowledge or even something as simple as extending a helping hand to an elderly person who is trying to cross a busy road, or helping a frail or injured person by offering to carry their shopping home for them.

Fundamental Rule of Life

When we can lay aside the idea of ″getting″ and instead put our energy into giving, we harmonize ourselves with what is fundamentally the first law of life or creation. In that sense, a newborn baby would not make it through its first day without its mother unconditionally giving of herself to attend to its every need.

It makes sense that before any reward can be received, something must be given to put into action the process that will result in the reception of something in relation to the thing given.

We can make use of this knowledge when in the process of formulating a definite desire for a certain thing. Before expecting to receive it, we should be busy working on what we can first give that will create the most effortless and easy path from the initial request to its acquisition.

Real Life Example

To put it into simple, physical terms, if you want to enjoy a harvest of delicious apples, you must first plant the seed that will produce the apple tree. You must then give of your time and energy to promote its growth and protect the young sapling from damage or adverse weather until it has grown big enough and strong enough to produce fruit.

The receiving stage is the picking and biting into that first ripe apple from a tree you nurtured from the very first day. The reward may seem to an outsider to be minimal, but if you've ever done it, or something similar, you'll know how incredibly amazing that feeling is!

This ties in with the Law of Attraction where your initial desire was to enjoy eating a freshly picked apple from a tree that you grew. You attracted the fruit for certain, but you had to give a lot, take a lot of action and endure a great deal of patience to make it happen!

It also ties in with the Law of Supply, for where there was a demand (your desire for fresh apples) the supply was made available by nature aiding the development of the tree that you planted and nurtured.


There is so much in nature that we are closely tied with that keeps revealing itself to the person that goes searching for it. It is by seeking and learning and understanding that we progress not just in our physical lives but also in our spiritual lives.

Learning and acknowledging the Law of Receiving is a part of that lesson on life that when undertaken, can bring immeasurable rewards. Be grateful for every little thing you receive and you will embrace this law by being able to freely give of everything in your heart and soul.

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