Law of Supply

Whenever there is a demand for something, the supply is there. This law works on the principle that any need must be fulfilled eventually and the stronger that need the more readily and quickly it is satisfied.

You have probably already heard of the demand and supply principle if you have any knowledge of how any business runs. It is fairly simple to grasp in this respect, because whenever a need arises for a certain product or service, it's not long before a suitable manufacturer or company comes up with the necessary goods.

But how does this law relate to the life of an individual? How can it be put to use in order to ensure improvements can be enjoyed in any area you choose to employ it?

Making Use of the Law of Supply

supply and demandIn many ways our own small corner of the universe that is our individual life reflects the way in which businesses work. By that I mean when we decide that we need or want a thing, if we want or need it badly enough we set in motion a series of events that we hope will result in its attainment.

Often though, obstacles will get in the way of our obtaining the thing we want and the vast majority of people tend to give up on it when they feel they can't surmount the barrier to its attainment. They don't realize that there is a power operating in all of us that can be harnessed to negate all opposition to our attaining our desires and needs and that is this very principle of the supply becoming available when the demand for it is there.

We can make use of this law (and it really is a law), by using our own mental faculties in the right way to bring about the manifestation of just about anything we truly desire. It goes back in part to the previous article on the Law of Thinking where we make use of our ability to think creative thoughts in such a way that we can create or devise a plan for the attainment of what we want.

It's Not Magic

Before I go any further, I want to point out that this is not some kind of magic. You can't simply create an image in your mind of a Ferrari and wait in a rocking chair until it appears on your drive with the keys and all the necessary documentation in your name.

That's not how it works!

It does work in a round about way because you certainly do begin the process by imagining yourself in possession of the thing your truly desire. The process then continues in the creation of ideas that can be formed into a plan of action that you must take to bring the wishful image into its physical counterpart.

But nothing will happen if you do not take action. If it's a Ferrari you want, you are going to have to devise a profitable plan that will enable you to earn the amount of money you need to go and buy one.

While that simple step has a tendency to put off better than 95 percent of people from ever taking it, those few enlightened people will take it seriously and figure out how to do what it takes. Along the way, there may and often will be obstacles put in your way and even what appear to be complete failures.

No Such Thing as Failure

For most people, a failure means the end of the road. Time to quit, throw in the towel, admit defeat and go back to dreaming about that Ferrari they will never own.

But not the few enlightened souls who have learned one way or another that there can be no such thing as failure as long as they keep trying. They know the truth, which is,

"You cannot fail if you do not quit!"

Successful people see failure as nothing more than a temporary setback which usually occurs because of mistakes they've made or flaws in their plan for the attainment of their desires. They find where they went wrong and correct it, then continue past the "failure" onto success!

That's because they know the golden rule that wherever there is a strong enough demand (their desire), the supply (the thing desired) will be there. It is by taking action and following the plan they have devised that they will realise their success.

The Slice of Pie

There are two ways of going for something you want.

You can follow the competitive route where you compete for a thing with others and work in such a way that you have to push them all out of the way to get it. This is the way most people think is the only way to achieve anything of value, but they are wrong.

slicing the pieOf you can follow a creative route where you learn to create the circumstances that will result in the attainment of the thing you desire without taking anything away from others. This is the right way to win, because not only does it benefit you, it can also benefit others along the way.

To illustrate this, let's take the example of sharing a pie.

Let's say there are six of you all sat around a table with a really nice looking pie on a plate in the center. The pie is cut into six equal slices and you take your slice, eating it ahead of the others. You liked it so much, you want some more!

But the only way you can have more is to take a slice belonging to someone else. That way, you get more pie, but another person loses out and doesn't get to enjoy their piece of pie. This is just like the competitive strategy some adopt.

On the other hand, if you were to adopt a creative strategy, instead of taking something that belongs to someone else, you can use your ability to create a bigger pie. That way you get to have more and so does everyone else.

Everyone wins with this strategy!

What Will You Do?

You have to ask yourself, "How determined am I to obtain the things that I really want?"

If you can answer honestly that you will stop at nothing to get what you want, then you have the attitude that will propel you toward success. You will achieve it as long as you have a combination of these qualities:

If you look at all successful people that attained their success from their own work and not inherited it from someone else, you'll probably be able to reverse engineer their strategy and find these qualities back of it.

Many people believe that successful people got that way because they were ruthless and hurt others in their pursuit of success. This is only true in a very few cases and most of those tend to end up in the eventual loss of that success because it cannot be founded on such a flimsy foundation of competitive strategies.

Truly successful people got to where they are because they learned that they can use their own mental faculties to obtain what they want without hurting anyone else in a spirit of creativeness. They know the truth that it is only by working with their creative faculties that they can produce a success plan that will not only bring them the results they desire, but will ensure they remain successful for the whole of their lives.

So what will you do to get what you want?

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