The 11 Laws of Success

One really important aspect of life is attaining success in one form or another. There are 11 laws that lead to a successful life when used rightly and in this section of the website, I will explain each of them at length.

This page represents an overview of these eleven Laws as set out by author and teacher of personal development techniques, Raymond Holliwell in his book, "The 11 Forgotten Laws." I recommend you get a copy of this book and read it through for yourself several times to get a fuller appreciation of how and why these precepts can greatly influence a person's life in a positive way.

A Blueprint for Achievement

successYou may have already been made acquainted with the popularized Law of Attraction through the book and/or the movie "The Secret" and listened to the many wise words and concepts it offered. But this is only one of the many edicts that govern life and will either provide success or failure for the person that embraces or rejects them respectively.

According to Holliwell, the eleven laws, while separate and distinct from one another, also compliment each other in that a person needs to work with all of them to gain the maximum benefit in all areas of their life. I list them all below as titles to their respective articles that I have written and published here to explain them more fully so you can enjoy a fuller appreciation and understanding of what they are all about.

The short explanation is that these edicts have their roots in religious teachings such as the Christian Bible and have been handed to people of all ages to learn from. They show that anyone can make use of them to create a better life for themselves and those around them when used the way they were intended.

Missing the Point

Yet it seems the mass of humanity has not understood or correctly interpreted these early and important teachings and has therefore suffered lack and limitation in their lives through nothing more than ignorance. However, ignorance need only be a temporary state for those that wish to banish it by learning and understanding.

Religions that have sprung up to guide and, some say, control humanity appear to have placed their own erroneous interpretations on the teachings of the ancient prophets that have had us all looking in the wrong direction for our "salvation." We are told that by living a meagre and humble life of worship and obedience here on Earth we may attain our reward in an afterlife that no one even knows exists.

But when you really look into one of the earliest lessons, the truth is actually staring you in the face. The Almighty (God or whatever name you wish to give Him) we are told created us in His image and set us here on this Earth to do His work.

The Bible tells us that God's work as the Creator is, naturally creation. So it follows that we have been put here to create what must surely be a better life for ourselves and those that we are in contact with.

To spend our lives in supplication, eking out a meagre life of want and poverty, as is what the religious leaders would have us believe, must therefore be in direct conflict with God's own precepts and therefore a sin. How radical is that concept!

Getting it Right

A better interpretation would be that we should continually be striving to improve and better our lives, creating better ways of doing all things to comply with these teachings. In fact, we should be striving to attain our reward here on Earth while we are alive and not wait until we pass on or we may never enjoy whatever Heaven is!

This very large and life changing set of concepts will challenge your beliefs for certain. You might reject them out of hand if you do not possess the strength of will to break out from the controlling beliefs that have tied you down to a life of conformity to rules that are man-made possibly for your whole life and embrace a new set of ideas.

The sad part is well over 95% of the population will dismiss this as crazy talk or hogwash because it doesn't conform to their beliefs. It is those beliefs that have them pinned down to their lives of limitation and lack and the worst of it is they don't even know it.

You have the chance to throw off those shackles once and for all by taking what can only be described as a leap of faith and try to understand these teachings. What do we need? Understanding! King Solomon said that in all our getting we should "get understanding," because it's the true path to freedom.

The Titles:

Below are the 11 articles that each explains a Law in more detail and depth. You should read them in order, although it's not absolutely necessary to do so.

  1. Thinking
  2. Supply
  3. Attraction

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