Law of Attraction

I bet you'd love to be able to attract anything into your life that you desired with the power of your thoughts. With this law of attraction, you can!

Before you grab an easy chair and start dreaming of owning a mansion and a fleet of Rolls Royce cars, you first need to know what this law is and how it really works. Many people after watching the movie "The Secret" believed all they had to do was get a picture in their mind of what hey wanted and it would magically materialize on their doorstep.

Unfortunately, there is rather more to this concept than that, although visualizing the thing you desire is certainly the first step. Let's take a look at the true process of manifesting through the power of this attractive law and how you can make it work for you.

There is No Something for Nothing

something for nothingThe place to begin is to get the idea out of your head that you can get something of any value without first giving something in return. Too many people believe it is possible to take without giving and not suffer any consequences. There are always consequences, just like every item of value has a price which must be paid for its attainment.

Giving something first to gain something is actually a verifiable law of nature that dictates how life itself exists and is able to continue while advancing. A plant gives valuable food to bees in return for their work in pollinating their seeds. Bees produce honey to feed their own young and perpetuate the species.

A very old tree collapses to the forest floor and gives of itself to the earth as organic fertilizer so that the seeds of new trees can grow to replace it and perpetuate the species. Small mammals feed off the seeds of plants to feed themselves and grow, while some pay the ultimate price by giving of their flesh to larger predators so they may feed their young and perpetuate their species.

Nature is very exacting in her rules and at the same time very fair in the way she permits life to perpetuate and flourish. Why am I discussing the workings of nature?

The laws of life that we can harness to help us humans advance as a species are governed by nature's rules, with this law of attraction being just one of many.

Attractive Force

While we certainly do not know everything about how the universe and nature works, we do now understand that everything that exists is made of energy. Energy vibrates at an almost infinite number of frequencies and those vibrations attract to each other and form what we understand as matter at the atomic level.

power of attractionAtoms attract other like atoms and form complex molecules and up through the chain we know through the laws of physics to form the things we can seem, hear, touch, smell and taste. It forms us as well and everything we know about. Through attraction, everything we know about is created and that includes the things we can't physically sense, such as the invisible light waves of infra-red or ultra-violet, radio waves etc.

How does this attractive force work in our lives? The best way to illustrate this is to think of the way in which a radio works.

A radio station broadcasts radio waves on a certain frequency that are received or picked up by a receiving station, or to put it simply, a radio! We hear the music, chit chat and commercials being broadcast by the station our radio is tuned in to. If we want to listen to something else, we change channels which alters the frequency the device will receive and it starts reproducing the broadcast from a radio station on the new frequency.

Our brains are complex switching stations that actually allow us to send and receive frequencies of vibration through our own bodies and beyond in ways we are not generally aware of. Our thoughts are the creations of our minds and they are actually measurable broadcasts that have their own frequencies, or thought waves which are similar to radio waves but at different levels.

We can alter the frequencies of our thoughts by the emotional force behind them. So when we are angry and are thinking angry thoughts, we are broadcasting those waves all around us. We attract other people and circumstances that are in tune with those frequencies because like frequencies attract like frequencies.

Harnessing the Power

Knowing this simple fact can lead to amazing things when you decide to start using it for yourself to improve your life and circumstances, because you can. When you hold a thought in your mind to the exclusion of all else and give it the power of emotion, you can cause like thoughts and their originators to be attracted to you.

That in itself might not seem particularly spectacular until you realize that if you desire a thing in life, one of the best ways of getting it is to have people or circumstances in your life that can help you to get it. You can literally attract to you someone or a group of people who might have a certain idea or specialized knowledge that you can work with to produce a strategy for attaining the thing you want to have.

What's more, you can attract your own ideas from seemingly nothingness that you can work with to create a plan for the attainment of the object of your desires. These ideas are sometimes called hunches and I'm sure you've had some of your own from time to time.

Often we will ignore hunches because they seem at odds with the direction we're going in, but the reality is that these hunches are more often right. Don't ignore them!

Teaching Others

There is a lot to learn about this concept, far more than can be amply explained in a single article unless of course it gets so long you'd have trouble staying awake long enough to read it to the end! But you can learn more about this from reading other informative articles in other publications as well as taking real courses offered by experts in the field.

You can learn from one of the masters, Dr Joe Vitale who was featured on the move (and book) "The Secret" in his own Law of Attraction certification course for practitioners that you can learn more about by clicking that link. It allows students to gain a very full knowledge of this law to the point where they can then take that knowledge and teach it to others backed by the universally recognized certification.

Strangely, we tend to learn, understand and retain much more on a subject when we move from being a student to becoming a teacher or coach. This is an excellent way to become fully versed in the way this law works in our lives and to satisfy your thirst for knowledge while fueling your need to keep learning and discovering more about it.

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