Finding Your Own Niche in Life

Finding your own niche in life is something most people would love to be able to do, but far too often, circumstances prevent them from realizing their true potential. Modern life is hectic, fast paced, stressful and leaves little time for sitting down and getting inside of yourself to even begin the process of finding out what you truly want.

Ok, that sounds a little new age, but who cares? We only get one life, unless of course you believe in reincarnation, but the one life we get while we're here is something everyone gets and they only get it once.

finding your nicheBearing that fact in mind, doesn't it make sense to try and make the best of things that you can and make the most of that life? Of course it does!

Enough of the Crazy!

So why are so many people rushing about like headless chickens? Why are they placing all their energy into the stress their lives are creating for them instead of taking a step back and getting straight about what's really important?

It sounds crazy and it is!

Maybe there's no set answer to that and it comes down to a case of individual preferences and desires rather than a general, generic cure for all. So instead of trying to tell people what to do and expecting them to listen, it has to be far better to simply provide the alternatives and let people choose what they want to do with themselves.

What is the Right Direction?

Most of the self help books that are available today seem to be primarily concerned with providing alternatives that are often too far out of most peoples' reach to really make a difference, so leaving them with the desire to change but not the means. They look at all the other directions they could go in but often miss the one that's right in front of their faces.

How do you recognize the way to your own best version in this life?

Again, the answer lies within the individual to find or attract their own answers and that comes from taking responsibility for your own lives. Maybe that's the center of all of this.

The one true answer that really does "fit all."

Take Control

Because we all have it in ourselves to take control, to take responsibility for our actions, our desires and our needs and start living the way we should be. For ourselves and the improvements we can make with our lives. Far too much time and energy is wasted on blaming someone or something else for our problems when really, the solutions to those problems are not to look around for someone else to blame, but to acknowledge that if we have a problem, then it's up to us to fix it.

When we finally understand that by taking responsibility for our lives and actions and finding our own solutions, we grow another step along the evolutionary ladder. We can then find our own niche in life because everything becomes that much clearer. Isn't that a good way to live your life?

I think so.

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