Self Belief Can Get You What You Want

If you ever tried to achieve anything but seemed to fail every time you tried, it probably was not because anything from outside caused it, although at times it might seem that way. The thing that derails most people when they attempt to do something for themselves or for others is a lack of belief in their own abilities to get the thing done.

i canThat is not to say that outside forces can get in the way too, because they certainly can. But when you truly believe you can do a thing, then more often than not, you will do it.

You really have to belief in yourself to achieve anything and that belief has to be strong. The stronger the belief the more likely you will be to succeed. Total, unwavering belief will bring absolute success.

Of course, to put yourself in the right place to produce that kind of unwavering belief, you need to invest in some quality time for yourself to develop your mental state and overall level of faith in your ability to succeed.

The Miracle of Manned Flight

Just think about the Wright brothers when they achieved the world's first powered flight. If they had not believed one hundred percent that they would do it, they would never have gotten off the ground, because everyone was against them.

They were called heretics for daring to believe that man could fly. But they remained resolute and the result is that we now enjoy the ability to travel to any place on the planet and get there in hours instead of weeks.

The Amazing Wireless Radio

Similarly, think of Marconi who, when he announced to his friends that he believed he could send people's voices and music through the ether without the aid of wires, those friend actually had him committed to a mental institution. Yet he believed that it was possible and then he went on to prove his theories in the invention of the first wireless radio.

The idea was sound in his own mind even though the practical invention had yet to be created. But that didn't stop Marconi from believing he could achieve it and that was all he needed to turn his belief into a reality.

The Simple Yet Essential Electric Light Bulb

Or take a moment to wonder how you are reading this right now. Most likely you are reading this indoors under the artificial light of a simple light bulb. Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb but it was no easy feat.

In fact, he actually made no less than 10,000 attempts to make it work and failed every single time except one. After each failure, he started on the next attempt until he succeeded. Most people would have given up long before that. But Edison believed that he could make his invention work and now we enjoy the comfort and convenience of bright light any time of the day or night.

Self belief is what causes great inventions and innovations to become reality when coupled with determination and motivation. Whether you do or you do not attract success to you is all down to your own self belief in whether you can or whether you can't do something.

Most people live mediocre lives by default and never achieve anything of merit. That's generally because they simply do not believe they can. On the other hand, the ones that do achieve greatness are the ones that do believe they can!

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