The Motivation to Achieve

When you want something badly enough, then you are likely to do whatever it takes to get it. If it's a certain job that you're interested in, or a business venture that you believe in, a type of house that you want to buy or that new car sitting in the showroom window.

In each case, if it is something that you really want, then there is a driving force that compels you to take action and make it happen for you. That driving, compelling force is what we know as "motivation" and it is the power behind all achievements.

Getting What You Want

motivationIt's one thing seeing that bright shiny new car that you think is speaking to you, saying: "Buy me, buy me, you know you want me!" and then going away and dreaming about how much you want it. However, it's another thing entirely actually doing something to set in motion the series of events that will lead you to driving that car off the sales lot and home to your garage.

Merely dreaming about something no matter how much you think you want it is unlikely to make it come into your reality anytime soon. You have to actually do something to generate the cash you need either for the down payment or to buy it outright for the full purchase price.

Powerful Driving Force

Motivation is a powerful force that can cause a person to get up out of their rocking chair and figure out a way of attaining the thing they have been dreaming about owning or experiencing. If it is a certain job they desire, then the motivating force will compel the person to seek the necessary knowledge and qualifications that will make them the best person for that job.

They will research the company and make sure they know everything there is to know about it. When they turn up for the all important interview, they can ask pertinent questions and answer any questions of themselves that will impress the interviewer that here is a person who is interested enough in the company to have gone the extra mile to sail through that interview.

The job will almost certainly be theirs.

If it is a business that a person has been dreaming of setting started, then the motivation to go beyond the planning stage and onto the process of creating a business plan, acquiring the necessary financial backing, locating suitable premises and deciding on partners and staff. If the business idea is a sound one that will convince a financier to back it with cash, then the chances are it will be successful and make a great deal of money for all concerned.

Desire a Thing to Achieve It

To achieve anything in life, you must first be motivated to want to achieve it. You must have a burning desire for its creation in your life and the determination and persistence to do whatever is necessary to make its creation happen.

Merely dreaming or wishing is not enough. You need to turn those dreams and wishes into solid, actionable deeds and back them with the driving force to get them done. To do that, you need to desire the thing so strongly and with such intense yearning that you are ready to do whatever it takes to get it.

This is the motivating force that gets the doers and the achievers up off their backsides and into the fray and the lack thereof is what keeps the underachieving masses firmly on their backsides in front of the TV set every night. Does that ring any bells or sound off any alarms in your head?

It should do unless you're one of the few percent of people who don't have the time to waste sitting in front of a television set night after night. These are the people that make goo use of their free time to study, learn and gain an understanding of whatever it is they need to move ahead in their careers or move on up to new, better ones.

Driven to Succeed

Success does not come by itself and cannot be wished or dreamed into reality. Success comes only from the desire to succeed backed by the faith and the belief that success is a given thing and the persistence and driving motive force to keep going regardless of any obstacles or failures that get in the way of that success.

A successful person knows no failures. That's because failure is merely a stepping stone to a better understanding of what needs to be done to move onward to achieving the success that is there at the end of the journey.

In fact, a person can never fail as long as they never quit. Most people tend to quit at the first sign of defeat or coming up against an obstacle they don't believe they can surmount.

There Can Be No Failures

Only the successful minded person can overcome any obstacle by never accepting defeat and persisting until the obstacle has been overcome. The desire to achieve the thing sought after is so strong and motivating that there can be no room in a successful person's mind for failure or defeat.

These concepts do not exist for them!

You would do yourself a great favor by purging any ideas of failure or defeat from your mind so you can only see the goal and whatever gets in the way is circumvented until the goal is reached. You do that by convincing yourself that you believe you will succeed no matter what tries to get in your way.

You can convince yourself you can do anything you set your mind on by having faith in yourself and believing you really can do what you set out to do. When you believe a thing so completely that nothing can stop you in your endeavors to achieve it, this power is known as faith.

Faith is the binding force that moves a person forward to victory and is actually the only known antidote to failure. Have faith in your ability to succeed and you will never fail because you will never quit.

This is how to be successful and how to use your belief system to create your own success story!

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