Me Time

Finding some time for yourself, or "Me Time" is an important part of the process of creating a better and more fulfilling life for yourself. It is time that you devote entirely to yourself, but you must use it properly for it to be effective.

That means you don't squander that precious time by reading a magazine or newspaper, or listening to the radio or watching TV. The right way to use "Me Time" is to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and take time to relax physically as well as mentally.


meditationWhen you allow your body and mind to relax completely, you can enter a state of meditation where your thoughts become still and your mind clears completely. You will need to practice this at first because it does not come naturally.

Most people find their minds want to race with a train of thought that takes them through the events of the day, or going over and over a problem and trying to work out a solution, or even replaying a TV show they watched last night!

To really clear your mind, you are going to have to learn some mental discipline which means blocking all thoughts from your mind and focusing on a single thing. What that thing is will differ from person to person, but it is something that you will find it easy to focus on and keep your thoughts focused on for a while.

Some people can focus on nothingness or darkness, while others need a point of reference to focus on, such as an imaginary point of light or an object that is familiar to them. This process can often create a mood altering state (see: on mood) along with deep relaxation that can be deeply profound and poweful.

However you do it, the main objective is to quieten your thoughts so that no inner conversations or calculations are allowed to invade your peace and stillness of thought.

Higher Thoughts

When you can reach that state, you are in meditation and it is here that you learn to develop your higher thoughts where you become receptive to answers to your questions that come not from the physical world around you, but from an infinite intelligence that every person has access to in this state. In down to earth terms, it will feel like a hunch or intuition.

But these hunches come from your subconscious mind that is in contact with the universal energy that flows to and through all of us and contains the sum knowledge of all of creation.

If that still sounds a little far fetched to you, don't worry because it's natural to feel that way. After all, how do you explain God to a person who has never been in contact with religion in a way that he will understand? The only way to believe in something that you cannot see, hear or touch is to have faith that it exists!

Blind Faith?

This entire concept can certainly stretch your self belief, but I like to think it is in a good way. I know it sounds like a very tall order to put your faith in a concept that is probably totally alien to you and does not match up with the world you see around you.

But isn't that what religion expects us to do when it attempts to indoctrinate us into the belief in a higher power than us that we know as God?

So please leave your objections and criticisms to one side for a moment and give this a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by understanding and accepting this concept in an infinite intelligence and power that connects us all.

And as far as we know, the only way to connect with this power is through the medium of thought in a relaxed and calm state.

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