Laws of Life

What is this power that is invisible to the human perception that causes everything to be what it is and do what it does?

We understand it as the Law of Nature from which all life derives its form and to which owes its very existence.

Thought provoking statements like that have a habit of intriguing the mind of thinking humans while at the same time creating a sense of "who cares" in others!

While it's not really possible to try and place a person in one pigeon hole or another, in order to make it a bit easier to grasp, think of those people who are interested in this subject and those that are not.

If you're interested and want to know more, stay with me. If you're not, no problem... there's plenty of other stuff in the Internet to interest you!

Is The Secret Really Such a Big Secret?

secret of lifeThere are several ways of looking at life and philosophers from many different cultures and religions have put forward their own perspectives, but in essence the basis of all of them is to follow our hearts while respecting the lives of others.

There is no big secret that we need to discover in order to understand how best to conduct ourselves through life.

The truth is right there in front of our faces and it has always been there for anyone who has the ability to understand. Some call it the Laws of God (or the name given to the "supreme being" in other religions), others the Laws of Nature and others still the Laws of the Universe.

Whatever or however you view these laws (and from whichever perspective, religion, creed or culture), the best way to integrate them in your personal life is to go with the one that works best for you.

From my personal perspective (which I understand may not be yours or another's) the laws that govern my life are spiritual in nature and set in the way in which Nature herself rules this planet we live on and the universe that surrounds it. While not being particularly religious, I do believe in a higher power that is responsible for the fact that I exist and that I am in communication with that power (as are all living beings) through a part of my spiritual self that I am still only beginning to really understand.

Nature and Energy

Our own quantum physicists have determined that everything that exists in the universe as we know it is made up of a single element, which is energy.

To get your head around such a concept takes some long, hard and careful thought but if you imagine it going down through atomic to sub atomic structure, you can get a fairly understandable picture in your mind as to what it may be.

This energy is a force that flows through everything and binds everything together. It is energy that makes up the element that we can more readily grasp: Matter. We are all "matter" but when you break that apparently solid form down to its most minute building blocks, you glimpse the vibrating energy form that creates it.

Taking that one step forward, if we are all made up of energy and that energy is linked to everything, we as individual, thinking, living beings are also linked at this level. Therefore it makes perfect sense to live our mortal (and spiritual) lives in a way that is harmonious to our own needs and wants as well as that of every other living thing we come into contact with.

Spiritual Laws of Life

spiritual laws of lifeWhen you look at it that way, it makes perfect sense when you hear the teachings of some of the ancient religions and philosophies that are designed to steer us through life in the best possible way.

In western religions, the Bible sets out a complete (if dated sounding) set of life laws to live by that King Solomon laid down for his people which came from God. You'll find them in the book of Proverbs Chapters 22-24 if you want to read them for yourself.

What they essentially tell us is to live our lives sensibly, patiently, humbly but creatively and justly while not causing h arm to anyone else. By respecting others while working toward making your own life as happy and harmonious as you possibly can is the way to a successful and spiritually fulfilling existence.

One thing stands out to me in religious teachings like the Bible which is to make the most of the life we were gifted with and strive to enjoy the rewards of heaven while we live, not after we die. That might upset a lot of deeply religious people and I apologise in advance, but there is a lot of sense in that concept.

What Are We Here For?

According to the scriptures, we were made in God's image and put here on Earth to do God's work (which, I'm sure you will agree is right).

God's work is creation, since He is the creator. Therefore our work surely is to create and build an ever advancing way of life for ourselves and our children.

That means if we are not busy creating, building and advancing, are we not in violation of God's purpose for us?

Now look around you and look at how most people appear to live their lives. Look at those who believe life owes them a living and they're going to collect any way they can:

Don't feel a sudden rush of anger or exasperation at that list above. It's a harsh and unpitying truth that a large percentage of humanity falls into one or more of those areas.

But the real crime against God's Laws is that they do nothing to change.

Everyone has the ability and the opportunity to change if they don't like the way their life is:

Reality might sound harsh, but it really isn't. You might say that someone living in a poverty stricken part of the world has no way to make a living because there are no jobs. Or that a lazy person will always be a lazy person. Or that a criminal will always return to crime.

Knock and the Door Will Open

secret doorBut the truth is that while the vast majority of people in these apparent traps can see no way out, there is always a way out for the one who can see it.

The sad truth is that only a very minute percentage of people will ever have that power of sight and the evidence is all around us to see.

You have doubtless heard the saying, "Ask and your question shall be answered. Knock and the door will open unto you."

What it's telling us is if we really desire a certain thing; possess the determination to get it and faith in our ability to achieve it, then a door will open even where there was no door. That's because we can create the door we need through our own ability to do so through proper use of life laws.

There are plenty of physical as well as spiritual laws that exist and that we know about and in some fashion even understand to a certain degree. Many of us have heard of the physical laws of gravity; polarity; thermodynamics etc, but there are more that go beyond the physical. Think of the law of attraction; of vibration; compensation; receiving etc that are not se easily measured with scientific instruments but we know they're there and they are active in our lives.

Sure, it's all well and good talking in metaphors, but how does that equate into real life? Here's the thing.

What it's saying is, for example if you live in a part of town where there are no jobs and you believe your only way to pay your way in life is to get welfare, chances are you're going to stay that way because you can't see a way out. That doesn't mean there is no way out, just that you can't see it.

Opportunity Exists Everywhere

Another person in exactly the same place, situation, with the same education, skill set and opportunities but refuses to lie down and quit.

This person will find a way out of the welfare trap and either locate a job in another part of town, another town altogether or a really creative person will come up with an idea to generate an income through learning a new skill or developing a business that answers a need in that same town where there are no jobs.

That ability comes from an inner strength that can be as readily drawn from the spiritual energy that flows through everything by one person as any other. You just need to have a strong enough desire to get out of the place you are in right now along with the faith in yourself and the strength of will to achieve a solution that works.

The truly successful ones will be those that try something new and if it doesn't work, they try something else until they find the one thing that does work. Everyone else simply quits at the first sign of defeat. Remember,

You are never beaten until you quit!

If you hit an obstacle that seems insurmountable, you will only fail if you give up at that point. Never give up and you can never fail!

This concept applies to every aspect of life, not just to the ability to generate an income. It applies to your health as well as to your personal life and the relationships you have with others (see:

Respect others and don't criticize, mock or make fun of things that are different to your view on life. Instead, praise, support and be grateful for the good in everything and you'll soon be surprised at how much more good comes into your own life.

Above all, be happy. Happiness and pleasure are the most important goals anyone can strive for, because when we are happy, it's because everything else in our lives has fallen into place perfectly the way we want it to.

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